CSR Activities
We have established the following five rules on our business activities, and the standard of behavior for each rule.
Further, we believe that the Company, which deals with fine powder, can win customers' confidence by providing products with high quality reliability and stableness. To that end, each division has formulated its quality policy, and made the employees familiar with it.

Attention to the environment and safety:

We aim to protect the global environment, and to achieve the society where human safety and health is better assured through its human- and earth-friendly technologies.

Compliance with social rules:

We not only comply with the law as a corporate citizen of sound judgment, but also conduct business activities, respecting social rules and customs.

Severance of connections with anti-social organizations:

We do not both contact and transact business with anti-social organizations which may destroy citizen's life or reasonable and legitimate corporate activities.

Thorough observation of corporate ethics:

We observe our corporate ethics, and to take a sensible course of actions as good corporate employees.

Nurturing a corporate culture that allows its employees’ free exchange of views:

We nurture a corporate culture that allows its employees to freely and frankly exchange views, regardless of their status or organization.