Dielectric base materials which require strict quality control, are produced using specially refined raw materials, and are widely applied as base materials of dielectric formulated materials for specific electronic ceramics.
We are manufacturing "solid phase processed barium titanate" and "strontium titanate" using barium carbonate, strontium carbonate and titanium dioxide as raw materials. They have been widely used as base materials mainly for ceramic capacitors.
We are also manufacturing "high-purity barium titanate" employing our original oxalate technology. This is a homogeneous and fine particle size material, so is also used as a base material for Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor.

We are providing electronic parts manufacturers with "compounding materials” used for the ceramic substrates of electronic parts by using our advanced compounding expertise and fine particle technologies that we have long cultivated for our base materials. Particularly, our Multi-Layer ceramic capacitor compounding materials have been highly praised for their excellent properties.
We are manufacturing formulated materials for Multi-Layer ceramic capacitor. and we have a high reputation for its excellent ceramic properties through supplying them.

We are manufacturing the highly pure and chemically stable "High-purity oxides(TiO2,SrTiO3 and BaTiO3)" employing a unique technology.
Our High-purity oxides is used mainly for manufacturing and research of dielectric materials,semiconductors materials.

According to recent progress of optical communication system, rutile type single crystal form of titanium dioxide is drawing attention from such field.
We are manufacturing and supplying "high purity rutile type titanium dioxide" as most suitable material for single crystal processing, with high appreciation.

Electronic Materials Division acquired ISO9001 certification. (October 21, 2005)
We continue quality maintenance of our products because we want our users to use our products satisfactorily.

Electronic Materials Division acquired ISO14001 certification. (May 14, 2008)
At Hiratsuka plant and Hyuga plant, we continue improvement of the produce process through fuel and power saving, and contribute to environmental global protection.

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