We have two R&D sections, namely, titanium dioxide section and electronic materials section. The Titanium Dioxide Section is engaged in the research work of titanium-related projects such as inorganic chemicals, vacuum evaporation materials, and so on. Mean while, The Electronic Materials Section is engaged in the research work of dielectric ceramic materials and its related chemical compounds. Both sections work closely to promote mutual strength through technical exchange, such as periodical joint meetings and intra-net. Working together, these two sections can exploit their respective strengths to improve mutual developing efficiency.

In addition to excellent pigmentary properties, titanium dioxide can exhibit various functions, such as UV-blocking, far infrared emission, electric conductivity, antimicrobial property, deodorizing property and so on. We are investigating to develop a multifunctional titanium dioxide for chemical and synthetic fiber use mainly. While, we are also promoting to develop the new materials in wider fields of not only existing products, but also environmental, hygienic daily life and advanced information and communication society. Everytime, we shall pursue to develop the new products based upon new concept, such as inorganic filler and chemicals to meet the requirements from next generation.

Modern electronic devices are expected to become even more compact and higher performance. To meet these advanced and diversified customer's demands, we are promoting to develop the new materials for higher-grade dielectric base materials of next generation, with realizing high reliability of quality and lower production cost. We shall apply our advanced technology to create new materials with more homogeneous composition and higher dispersible fine particles, and higher crystallinity, to meet customer's demands.
Also, while watching the modern tendency of electronic materials business area, we are investigating higher functional and higher performance materials to meet requirements of next generation, taking in advance with driving of our original latest technology.

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