Basic Policies for Environmental, Safety, and Hygiene Initiatives

Fuji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. has adopted its Corporate Vision, stating that the company will contribute to society through its corporate business, particularly by providing its original products, while showing respect for all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, members of relevant local communities, and employees. In addition, the Corporate Vision stipulates that the company will maintain transparency of its corporate management in line with the spirit of legal compliance.

To fulfill our company’s social responsibilities and contribute to developing a sustainable society by implementing the Corporate Vision, especially in terms of environmental protection and workplace safety and hygiene, the company has adopted its Basic Policies for Environmental, Safety, and Hygiene Initiatives, listed below.

  1. Environmental Preservation
    The company strictly observes environment-related laws and regulations, and reinforces measures to prevent environmental contamination, reduce waste, and promote reuse and recycling.
  2. Safety and Hygiene
    To secure the safety and good health of both employees and residents of nearby communities, the company strictly observes laws and regulations related to safety, hygiene, security, and disaster prevention, and takes measures to prevent accidents and industrial disasters, while working to create comfortable workplace environments.
  3. Chemical Substances
    Amid the global trend of reinforcing the management of chemical substances, the company reinforces the management of chemical substances throughout its manufacturing process, from procurement of raw materials to production, transport, storage and disposal of its products.
  4. Resource and Energy Conservation
    To ensure effective use of limited resources, the company promotes resource and energy conservation initiatives.
  5. Considerations in Development Activities
    Considering the magnitude of environmental problems, the company takes appropriate measures to help prevent global warming and reduce environmental impacts of its development activities.
  6. Communication with Society
    To maintain transparency of its corporate activities, the company promotes communication with society concerning its activities related to environmental preservation, as well as its safety and hygiene measures.
April 1, 2018
Ken Kawaguchi
President and CEO
Fuji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.