Since succeeded commercial production of titanium dioxide in 1935 , we have continued to develope the innovative products, such as titanium dioxide for the delustering of synthetic fibre use, and barium titanate for Multi-Layer ceramic capacitors, as a pioneer and a leading company of Japan.
In recent years, we are enlarging application field of our newly developed products such as vacuum evaporation materials and ultrafine particle titanium dioxide, to meet the demand of modern market.
Hereafter, we shall continue to contribute to the development of industry and human society through the creation of future-oriented "ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS".

Ken Kawaguchi
President and CEO

Corporate Vision
Basic Vision
  • To contribute to society through our corporate business, particularly by providing our original products
  • To show respect for all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, members of relevant local communities, and employees
  • To maintain transparency of our corporate management in line with the spirit of legal compliance
Action Guidelines
  • To behave properly in accordance with social norms and corporate rules so as to gain social trust through our corporate activities
  • To reinforce quality control to supply products of high quality, while taking sufficient measures to help preserve the environment and ensure workplace safety and hygiene
  • To create an open corporate culture by maintaining transparency of our business activities and promoting mutual understanding
  • To strive to achieve lofty goals through efforts to promote each personís own capacity-building, develop human resources, activate related organizations, and improve business efficiency
April 1, 2018
Fuji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.