Titanium Dioxide
Name Characteristics Main Uses
  TiO2% Specific
TA-100 Excellent whiteness and water dispersibility 98 - - - Low Chemical and synthetic fibers, paints (especially emulsion), paper, printing inks, rubber, etc.
TA-200 Uniform particle size and multi-purpose uses (versatile grade) 98 - - - Low Mattes for synthetic fibers, general paints, plastics, paper, architectural paints, rubber, printing inks, etc.
TA-300 Fine, uniform particle size and excellent water dispersibility 98 - - - Low Chemical and Synthetic fibers, plastics (PET cards, film), paper, printing inks, etc.
TA-400 Good light stability and good dispersibility with uniform particle size 96 - - 24 Medium Emulsion paints, plastics, printing inks, traffic paints, etc.
TA-500 Good light stability as well as Good dispeisibility eithe in aqueous or non-aqueous media 94 - - - Medium Chemical and Synthetic fibers, etc.
TR-600 Strong hiding power and tinting strength 94 4.2 1,800 19 High Metal inks, acrylic paints, plastics, gloss-emulsion paints, etc.
TR-700 Excellent dispersion and hiding power 94 4.2 1,820 23 High Printing inks(mat type), interior paints, etc.
TR-840 Superior chalk resistance 93 4.2 1,790 24 Highest Paints for construction, automobiles, and, exterior uses, housing materials.
TR-900 High hiding power and weathering resistance 93 4.2 1,800 19 Highest High-quality industrial paints, gloss-emulsion paints, etc.
Vacuum Deposited Materials Excellent degassing for all titanium oxides, tantalum oxide, and ITO, etc., as well as good workability, high purity, and high concentration Thin film processing for a variety of optical goods (BDs, DVDs, Digital camera's, lighting, liquid crystals, etc.)
Iron(II)Sulfate,hepta-hydrate Over 92% pure FeSO4 7H2O Iron oxide pigment, Thickener, deodorizers, etc.
Iron(II)Sulfate,mono-hydrate Over 94% pure FeSO4 H2O Iron oxide pigment, deodorizers, soil conditioners, animal feed, etc.
Calcium Sulfate Over 95% pure CaSO4 2H2O Cements, Gypsum boards, etc.

Electronic Materials
Name Characteristics Main Uses
Synthetic Dielectric Materials Barium titanate,Strontium titanate and other titanates BaTiO3, SrTiO3, CaTiO3 For all ceramic capacitor formulations
Dielectric formulated materials for multilayer ceramic capacitors All types of HiK and TC For all types of multilayer ceramic capacitors
High-purity oxides Over 99.0% purity, TiO2, SrTiO3, BaTiO3 For manufacturing and research of dielectric materials, semiconductors, and piezoelectric materials